Our enterprise offers the technological equipment of Spanish company “EXAFAN”, a leading company within the sector dedicated to the service of farms, with a wide range of products. Design, delivery of a full range of turnkey equipment as well individual systems, suitable for the modern livestock:

  • Ventilation and climate-control systems, adapted to the climatic conditions of Belarus (a wide range of electronic controllers, complete range of fans, ventilation valve of various dimensions, range of geared motors).
  • Cooling, heating systems (high pressure humidification systems, cooling-panels, infrared heaters, delta-tubes).
  • Automatic feeding and drinking systems (chain and spiral conveyors, feeders, drinkers, water regulators).
  • Animal housing (plastic and cast-iron laces, boxes of farrow and insemination, fences, heating mats, animal weighing systems).


Cooperating with us, you can rely on high modern European quality of equipment, safety, energy-saving features and reasonable prices.

We perform design, delivery, installation of equipment, start-up and commissioning works, warranty and post-warranty services. We take into account the individual needs of our customers by searching the innovative solutions, technical and consulting assistance, personnel training.

Specialization: Equipment for poultry and pig farms.

For more information don’t hesitate to visit the website of «EXAFAN» company.

Our enterprise offers boiler equipment (hot water boilers) of the world’s leading manufactures «BOSCH»  (Germany) and «FERROLI» (Italy) completed with burners Cib Unigas, GIERSCH, Weishaupt.

Водогрейный котел SK655-755
BOSCH Buderus Logano SK655/ SK755

Industrial steel hot water boilers Buderus Logano SK655/ SK755 with outputs ranging from 120 kW to 1850 kW. These boilers are suitable for diesel fuel or natural gas. The seasonal efficiency of these boilers is up to 93 %. Maximum permissible temperature is 115 °C, maximum operating pressure is 6 bar. Low-temperature heating boiler with the reversing combustion chamber suitable for diesel fuel or natural gas.

Can be combined with various control systems and tanks water heaters (boilers) from “Buderus”.
The advantages of this model:

  • Easy and convenient operation
  • Quick installation and easy maintenance
  • Easy installation of other manufacturer’s burners
  • Easy access to the combustion chamber
  • Safety group adjusted to boiler

These boilers are high quality equipment proved all over the world including building sites in the Republic of Belarus.

Ecostream cast iron boilers Logano GE 315, GE 515, GE 615

Водогрейный кател Logano GE615

Ecostream cast iron boilers can be operated with matching pressure-jet oil or gas burners with special flow technology for the return water and a low temperature drop inside the boiler.

The output range from 105 kW to 1200 kW. Thermostream technology achieves increased protection against condensation and even temperature distribution in the boiler. It works with any return temperature and heating water flow rate, however low.Ideal conditions for clean combustion, especially in conjunction with the matching low emissions burners, thanks to the 3-pass principle and water-cooled combustion chamber with direct heating surfaces.

This boiler are suitable for diesel fuel, natural gas, condensed gas, rapeseed oil and biochemical gas.Standardized coefficient Logano GE615 (94,5%).

The advantages of this model:

  • All boilers can be delivered with a boiler block fitted at the factory. If space for handling is tight, the cast iron boilers can be transported in sections and assembled at the installation site (delivery in loose sections).
  • The combustion chamber and the secondary heating surfaces are easily accessible through large front doors that can be pivoted to the left or right.
  • Substantially reduced operating noises through sound-absorbing stand under the boiler, flue gas muffler and sound-absorbing casing of burner (additional order).
  • Regulatory functions adapted to hydraulic installations (additional order).
  • All functions of the system control (additional order) are simple («Click and Turn»)
  • Possible additional modules for all control systems (additional order).

Hot water boilers UNIMAT UT-M, UT-H, UT-HZ

Industrial steel hot water boilers UNIMAT UT-M, UT-H, UT-HZ with 0,65-38 MW output. Three-pass design has been used for decades – with overwhelming success. The steel boiler is offered in various sizes and can also be used in a combined output multi-boiler system. Safety pressure is up to 16 bar. Depending on the burner hot water boilers can work both on gas and diesel fuel.
We also ready to offer hot water generatorsBOSCH (Germany).

Industrial steel hot water boilers «Ferroli» (Italy)

PREXTHERM RSW with 92-3600 kW.

Our enterprise offers boiler equipment (steam boilers) of the world’s leading manufactures«BOSCH» (Germany) and «FERROLI» (Italy) completed with burners Cib Unigas, GIERSCH, Weishaupt.

паровой кател BOSCH Universal U-ND
BOSCH Universal U-ND

Industrial steam boilers Universal U-ND with capacity from 0,25 to 3,2 t/hour and Universal U-HD with capacity from 0,25 to 1,25 t/hour. The boilers of the first type are used for low pressure steam production (up to 0,7 bar) with t up to 115 °C. The boilers of the second type are used for high pressure steam production (up to 16 bar) with t up to 204 °C.

As well we offer the 3-pass shell boilers Universal UL-S with capacity up to 28 t/hour, the double-flame smoke tube boilers Universal ZFR with capacity from 18 to 55 t/hour. These boilers are used for generation of saturated steam with t up to 235 °C and superheated steam with t up to 300 °C. Max. overpressure is 30 bar. Fuel: gas and oil. The boilers can be configured with the additional equipment (deaerating plant, bubbler flask, metering device, etc.)

Industrial steel steam boilers «FERROLI»

VAPOPREX HVP HVP (steam capacity 150-4990 kg/hour)

водогрейный котел VAPOPREX HVP

VAPOPREX 3G(steam capacity 2,15-20 t/hour)

Gas air heaters type ATG” of “PAKOLE” production (Hungary). ATG thermogenerators are floor-type appliances equipped with block burners. Exhaust gas can be removed by insulated chimneys. Vozduhonagrevatel _ATGThey are basically composed of a heat exchanger connected to a boiler and a fan unit, and are available with wide rage of capacities to suit various applications. Thermogenerators are mainly installed indoor, however, they can be placed outdoor if the necessary safety measures are taken. Fresh air can be supplied either directly using multidirectional air supply plenum or through an air duct system connected to the appliance. No supervision is required. The control of these automatic systems is provided by thermostats or temperature switches installed in the space to be heated.

Available dimensions of gas air heaters type “ATG”:

Version ATG-30 ATG-40 ATG-60 ATG-80 ATG-110
Performance 31,2 42,4 63,3 84,9 115,5
ATG-130 ATG-160 200 250 300
136,9 167,9 210,2 263,6 317,7
Version ATG-350 ATG-400 ATG-450 ATG-520 ATG-580
Performance 372,8 427,3 477,6 546,3 616,2
Version ATG-650 ATG-750 ATG-850 ATG-1000
Performance 681,6 794,3 888,4 1053,3

Main features:

  • AISI 430 rust-proof boiler drum, exhaust connection is on the side opposite to the burner
  • heat exchanger from aluminized steel plate, excellent heat transfer (efficiency above 92.7%), easy to clean and maintain
  • internal frame is from strong steel plate or welded pipe structure (depending on the design)
  • air heater body has double sheet cover, the inner one is electroplated, the outer one is powder coated in white RAL 9002, with heat insulation between them
  • air circulation by 1, 2 or 3 fans, air can be supplied from both sides
  • fans are single-stage in case of versions 30 and 40, and three-stage for versions 60 and above
  • fan units with higher static pressure are optional
  • can be operated with oil- or gas-burner, with two-point or 3-point control, and in the case of gas-burners with modulation control as well
  • double or limiting thermostat for safe operation
  • optional accessories are offered for both the suction and exhaust sides

For further information or consultation please do not hesitate to contact us.
Detailed instructions on “ATG”


Gas air heaters type “GTV” of “PAKOLE” production (Hungary). GTV air heaters are suitable for the heating of various types of spaces by being mounted on sidewalls, columns or the ceiling. The appliances equipped with axial or centrifugal fans either circulate the indoor air or suck in fresh air from outside. The appliances can be connected to an air duct both with the air supply and the exhaust side. The patented group burner design guarantees excellent combustion. The heat- and corrosion-resistant spatially bent heat exchangers of steel pipes ensure excellent heat transmission, their efficiency exceeds 91-92%. Operation in closed mode can be carried out through the connection of various exhaustion and combustion air intake elements and sets. The options for mounting include bottom or top mounting, fixing on console with 4-point bolt connection, or suspension chains. Patented group burner design. Heat- and corrosion-resistant steel pipe heat exchangers. Compact gas magnetic valve, ignition and flame monitoring. Adjustable shutters. Temperature control in summer and winter mode. Grouped regulation with pilot control. Thereby the heaters “GTV” have been proved to be highly efficient, heating equipment.

Versions of gas air heaters type “GTV”:

Version Nominal thermal input / Heating capacity output (kW)
-20 -27 -33 -40 -48 -58 -68 -78 -97 -107 -116
GTV-A 18 24,3 29,7 36 43,2 52.2 62 71 80 89 106
GTV-C0 18 24,3 29,7 36 43,2 52,2
GTV-CL 18 24,3 29,7 36 43,2 52,2

For further information or consultation please do not hesitate to contact us.
Detailed instructions on «GTV»


Gas air heater type “LH” of “PAKOLE” production (Hungary). The LH air heaters with group burners are suitable for the heating of any kind of spaces where ventilation is highly above the average due to the activity carried out or technology applied. Accordingly, the fresh air supply required for the appliance has to be rated in compliance with the regulations. These systems are generally used in livestock farms, greenhouses or construction areas. They are highly resistant to dust, moisture and ammonia. Electrical protection rating is IP 54. Can be mounted on the sidewall or suspended from the ceiling. Control can be carried out in heating, ventilation or mixed modes, individually or centrally.

Versions of gas air heaters type «LH»:

Version LH-30 LH-40 LH-50 LH-60 LH-70 LH-80 LH-100 LH-120
Capacity 30 kW 40 kW 50 kW 60 kW 70 kW 80 kW 100 kW 120 kW


  • Anticorrosion stainless steel frame
  • Burners with the contour band ignition
  • Three modes of operation: heating, ventilation or combined
  • Valve disk, which improves heat transfer
  • Triple security system (flame control with ionization sensor, air flow sensor, overheating sensor)
  • Easy installation by suspension, can be mounted horizontally or in a tilted way
  • Quick heating of areas

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Detailed instructions on «LH»

ZENIT tube radiant heaters of “PAKOLE” production (Hungary) are perfectly suitable for heating spaces with moderate or high clear height, and for the forming of local heating zones as well.


ZENIT tube radiant heaters are basically available in two different configurations: “L” – linear design with 3 – 24 length and “U” – U-shaped design with 3 – 12 length. Tube radiant heaters, if demanded, can be converted to have closed combustion chamber by fresh air feeding. In case the factory configuration is chosen, the exhaust system forms an integral part of the appliance, therefore no separate authorization is required. For the control of heating, analogue or digital temperature controls using sensed temperature are also available in two-point, three-point or modulation control designs. Digital temperature controls are suitable for the installation of central supervision system (PC-controlling).

ZENIT tube radiant heaters can be ordered with other configurations: 2 elbow pieces of 90° can be installed in the linear design. Two-point, three-point or modulation control designs are available. The length of exhaust pipe is limited to a maximum of 6 meters with one elbow piece of 90°

For further information or consultation please do not hesitate to contact us

Detailed instructions on «ZENIT»

GH ceramic heaters of “PAKOLE” production (Hungary) are suitable for the heating any kind of spaces with intensive ventilation.


GH ceramic heaters are suitable for the heating any kind of spaces with intensive ventilation. They can only be installed in spaces where a minimum ventilation of 10 m3/h can be ensured per every kW of capacity installed. The system can be easily and simply mounted on sidewalls, columns or the ceiling in a tilted way. Since no exhaustion is present, it can be installed beneath crane rails as well. They are controlled by two-point control or in case of twin devices by three-point control. Compact ignition and flame control. At twin appliances double ignition and flame control. Perfect gas-air mixing. Excellent- quality porous ceramic surface. Front grating for better radiant efficiency. Warping- proof robust mixer house. Aluminized reflect shield. Simple installability. The quality of the burning of well-regulated units meets certain conditions of environmental regulations and safety requirements.

Product features GH-07 GH-11 GH-18 GH-23 GH-36
Performance 7,5 kW 11,6 kW 18,0 kW 22,0 kW 36,0 kW

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Detailed instructions on «GH»

Private unitary enterprise “InterGasService” offers its clients a modern and energy efficient equipment with safety and quality tested for years.

May we bring to your attention gas heating infrared radiators and air heaters; steam and hot water boilers of different capacity; gas and oil-fired burners to boilers, industrial heat-generators, stoves and dryers; systems of chemical water treatment for boiler rooms and pumps of different capacity; climate control systems for poultry farming and swine breeding using forced and draft ventilation and heating devices.We are ready to help you to find the necessary equipment for your facility and install it, providing you a complex of services from turnkey project with further warranty service support.

Our partners are the leading European manufacturers:

You can purchase the equipment via direct (purchase contract) as well as at the stage of complete set during the construction within the framework of turnkey contract.We are also ready to render our customers a service to purchase the above mentioned equipment directly from the manufacturer or manufacturer’s representative.Understanding the psychology of the customers, we offer the competitive equipment at reasonable prices, following the high requirements to the quality of manufacturing and high operating life of equipment.

As a supplier, we assume all warranty obligations for the delivered equipment.

We opportunely update the store of spare parts and possess a maintenance department, carrying out repair and replacement of broken-down components.Please kindly get acquainted with the list of main implemented equipment on our website.